Executive Chef's Biography


Chef Germaine Gaines grew up in a New Orleans family where she learned at an early age that quality food was prepared with the heart and soul of the cook, and that this was an essential ingredient to good living. As a child, she watched her relatives prepare the more recent “creole” culinary masterpieces from scratch. Her parents instilled the importance of experiencing the many diverse cuisines from around the globe. The Kitchen at the Gaines house was always a diverse one.


In 1996-99, Ms. Gaines decided to attend culinary school at Delgado Community College in New Orleans. Upon graduating, Germaine’s culinary adventure took her from the French Quarter and Pat O’brien’s and several other eateries in the Quarter, to the Hilton Hotel in San Antonio, Texas, post Hurricane Katrina.  She has spent many of her days researching the art of “creole” food.


Ms. Gaines puts all of her energy into producing the very best “creole” food that New Orleans has to offer.  She is a member of the American Culinary Institute; she also caters for entertainers, and cooks for benefits during her off time from Germaine’s Kitchen and the Prime Example Jazz club.  

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